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Robert Pirosh

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Dear Sir: I like words. I like fat buttery words, such as ooze, turpitude, glutinous, toady. I like solemn, angular, creaky words, such as straitlaced, cantankerous, pecunious, valedictory. I like spurious, black-is-white words, such as mortician, liquidate, tonsorial, demi-monde. I like suave “V” words, such as Svengali, svelte, bravura, verve. I like crunchy, brittle, crackly […]

Isidor Isaac Rabi

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My mother made me a scientist without ever intending to. Every other Jewish mother in Brooklyn would ask her child after school: So? Did you learn anything today? But not my mother. “Izzy,” she would say, “did you ask a good question today?” That difference — asking good questions — made me become a scientist.

A A Gill

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Boris…is without doubt the very worst putative politician I’ve ever seen in action…and I can’t think of a higher compliment.

George Bernard Shaw

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response to receiving and draft of the Seven Pillars of Wisdom Confound you and your book: you are no more to be trusted with a pen than a child with a torpedo.